2023 Subscriptions

We have restructured a few of our Subscription tiers for 2023 and wanted to pass that info along to you. The good news is (1) we're lowering the prices and (2) you don't have to do anything to take advantage of the restructuring.

The first question is most likely, "Why change it all again?". The simple answer is, as most of your know, we ran into several very frustrating production delays this past year, and we are trying our hardest to eliminate any and all bottlenecks in our production line. We have already begun to implement these changes! You may have noticed that with December's subscription, "Noel", we were able to fulfill ALL the subscription tiers at the same time. For the majority of our decks moving forward, we have eliminated the gilding delay!  

Additionally, we are transitioning the Limited Editions of both the Table Players and the Vintage reimagined to a Standard Subscription. We believe this will allow even more people the opportunity to enjoy collecting these fine decks, and of course, will provide you with some extra cash. 

Another piece of production that really set us back in 2022 was the book boxes that we included with the gilded No. 13 Club and Vintage Reimagined subscriptions. We found that particularly with the "leather" slipcases, the delays and amount of waste due to shipping damages was something that we simply could not continue to produce at the quality we hope to achieve. So in 2023, we are no longer including book boxes in the gilded subscriptions. It is possible that we will offer stand-alone "a-la-carte" purchases for some releases, but as a whole, we are getting rid of the book boxes. We believe that ultimately this will alleviate a huge bottleneck in our production line. In addition to this, this will allow our production costs to be drastically reduced which means we are drastically lowering the costs of our 2023 subscriptions across the board, but most notably in the Gilded Subscription tiers.

In order to take advantage of the new pricing and structures you need to do absolutely nothing. We will handle all the restructuring on the back end! So for example, if you currently subscribe to a LTD Table Players, an LTD Vintage Reimagined, and a Gilded No. 13 Club, you are currently paying $109/mo for those three subs. In 2023 you will be automatically transitioned to the STD Table Players, the STD Vintage Reimagined, and the GLD No. 13 Club, and we will automatically reduce your subscription to $54/mo! You will retain all your current subscription numbers for all Gilded subs and the LTD No. 13 Club.

You of course can always add more subscriptions. The new subscriptions will be available on December 16th!

You can see the 2022-23 price comparisons below.


2022 Table Players

2023 Table Players

Limited Edition - $14 Standard Edition - $12
Gilded Edition - $45 Gilded Edition - $30


2022 Vintage Reimagined

2023 Vintage Reimagined

Limited Edition - $35 Standard Edition - $12
Gilded Edition - $65 Gilded Edition - $30


2022 No. 13 Club

2023 No. 13 Club

Standard Edition - $15
Standard Edition - $12
Limited Edition - $35 Limited Edition - $20
Gilded Edition - $60 Gilded Edition - $30